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Sons of Toil Brewing LLC.

Belgian White Ale

5% ABV--------12 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

This wheat beer is special in that it uses two different types of wheat and oats and then combines coriander and orange to make one unique flavor.  Coupling all of that with the special collection yeast and you have a really easy drinking Belgian White ale.

Berliner Weisse Tropical Tart

4.8% ABV--------12 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

This beer is a traditional Berliner Weisse with passionfruit and mango added.  It is a nice subtle tartness followed with tropical notes from the fruit.  Light and refreshing, its hard to have just one.

Coffee Porter

6.1% ABV--------42 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

Don't let the dark color fool you, this is an easy drinking porter that's loaded with coffee flavor.  It begs to have it paired with sausage and eggs!

Cream Ale

5.3% ABV--------12 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

A fantastic light beer with lots of smoothness to spare.  We sometimes add fruit to this wonderful beer and make it something very special.

Chocolate Raspberry Imperial Stout (C.R.I.S.)

9.2% ABV--------48 IBU--------$5 (10 oz)

The base for this Imperial Stout is loaded with special English, Roasted Barley, and Chocolate Malts!  We then add a generous portion of Raspberries and top it off with plenty of Chocolate.  This beer is special and perfect for the season.

Holiday Ale

8.8 % ABV--------42 IBU--------$5 (10 oz)

Brown Sugar, Honey, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Sweet Orange Peel and Ginger - all the things that make the Holidays.  Light the fire, kick back and enjoy this wonderful winter warmer spiced ale.

Mango Habenero IPA

6.9% ABV--------44 IBU--------$5 (12 oz)

We start with a nice balance of NEIPA base malts.  Next we add plenty of Mango and hops to the mix so that the Habanero has a place to play.  A little sweet and a bit spicy!!!

Horny Handed IPA

6.6% ABV--------72 IBU--------$5 (12 oz)

Horny Handed IPA is a hop forward ale with nice citrus tones from the hops and a slight sweetness from the honey malt.  Named after those Horny Handed Sons of Toil that made our land as it is today. 

93.37 Blond Ale

4.5 % ABV--------19 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

Our new Beer is named 93.37. We have used locally sourced ingredients from 93.37 miles of Sons of Toil Brewing, Hops from Scott Farms of Georgetown and Dusty Hauke and Malted Grains from Rustic Brew Farm located in Marysville, OH. This Beer is light, refreshing, crisp with some wonderful hop notes. Served with a lime, it is a wonderful beer on a warm, sunny day.

American Porter

6.0% ABV--------37 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

A nice and smooth American Porter.  Nothing fancy just a roasty, easy drinking beer.


4.8% ABV--------12 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

This beer is true to it's style.  A great German recipe that has stood the test of time.  Nothing cute here, just a standard Hefe wheat beer that gives you that clove and banana flavor that comes from the yeast used to ferment it.  It is light and easy, a nice sessionable beer with a low ABV which means you will find yourself enjoying more than one.

Red Ale

5.1% ABV--------29 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

This Red Ale has been asked for time and again here at SOT. It seems folks just wanted an easy drinking red ale that they could sit down with, and sip on, and just “Hang Out” here at the Brewery and Relax.

Double IPA

8.5 % ABV--------113 IBU--------$5 (10 oz)

This double IPA is packed full of Hops, but it has a nice balance with the malt coming through to carry that nice fruity hop flavor to the end.

"Juicy" N.E. Style IPA

6.1 % ABV--------72 IBU--------$5 (12 oz)

This is a new style of IPA that is sweeping the nation.  It has all the wonderful juicy flavors of the hops without the bitterness.  Bursting with stone fruit and tropical notes this beer is very unique.


4.7 % ABV--------23 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

This German beer has been brewed for over a hundred years.  It is a light session beer with a low ABV.  Perfect for those times when you plan on enjoying more than one.  Straw golden color and with the Kolsch yeast it actually reminds some of the delicate flavors of a Lager.

Pine Cabin Pale Ale #2

5.6% ABV--------45 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

This beer has  multiple types of malt that give it complexity, but it is also on the dry side which allows the earthy, piney hops to stand out.  This is a well rounded and tasty pale ale.

Imperial Blackberry Stout

8.2% ABV--------38 IBU--------$5 (10 oz)

This is a very mellow Imperial Stout for a beer that's north of 8%.  Throw in a moderate amount of blackberries and enjoy!

Mango Milkshake "Juicy" N.E. Style IPA

7.2 % ABV--------72 IBU--------$5 (12 oz)

We took our base Juicy recipe and gave it a tropical twist.  By adding Lactose and mango along with some vanilla and orange peel, it really takes the name juicy to a whole new level.  This beer is sweet and creamy with wonderful mango notes throughout.  

English Brown Ale

5.9 % ABV--------36 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

Loaded with English malts such as Maris Otter, Munich, Victory, and Caramel give this English Brown a caramel malt tone that is balanced by the Saaz hops in the back.  Smooth and Drinkable.

Pineapple Hefeweizen

4.8 % ABV--------12 IBU--------$5 (16 oz)

A great German recipe that has stood the test of time.  However, we did get cute here.  We added Pineapple to compliment the clove and banana flavor that comes from the yeast.  Toss in some fresh Pineapple to each glass and we think you will find it quite enjoyable!

Red Raspberry Cider

6.9% ABV--------$5 (10 oz)

This Raspberry Cider is crisp and semi sweet.  The Raspberry comes through nice on the front end and it finishes with a nice sweetness.

Key Lime Cider

6.9% ABV--------$5 (10 oz)

Experience the essence of the tropics with this cider that carries the flavor of the crisp apple in the background with an explosion of Key Limes!  This recipe is the product of many trips to Florida to visit family. 

Spiced Apple Cider

6.9% ABV--------$5 (10 oz)

Using our apple cider as the base, we add brown sugar, cinnamon, and all-spice to make a delicious apple cider that is perfect for the holiday season.

Strawberry Cider

6.4ABV--------$5 (10 oz)

A semi-sweet cider, with a subtle strawberry flavor.  It is light and tasty with 100% real strawberry. 

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